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ISA 2021 conference

April 13, 2021

ISA 2021From 6 to 9 April 2021, I participated in the annual meeting of the International Studies Association (ISA). The conference was originally to be held in Las Vegas but due to the COVID-19 pandemic instead took place online. I spoke at two events: at a roundtable titled "Thinking with exemplarity: A bridge across the global-local divide" that I co-organized with Dorothy Noyes from Ohio State University, we brought together a number of colleagues to continue the conversation about the power of examples in global politics we begun last year at our conference at the Mershon Center at Ohio State University. In addition, I participated in a roundtable on "Perspectives on agency in Global Governance". Drawing on my previous work on political agency, I talked about how a more elaborate conception of agency can enrich our thinking about Global Governance.

New research project "ConTrust: Trust in conflict - Political life under conditions of uncertainty"

April 2, 2021

ConTrustOn 1 April 2021 a group of 23 researchers from Goethe University Frankfurt, the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt and other institutions has begun working on a research project with the title "ConTrust: Trust in conflict - Political life under conditions of uncertainty". Its aim will be to explore the dynamics of trust and conflict from various interdisciplinary perspectives. I will contribute to this four-year endeavor, which is funded by the Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and the Arts, as co-PI and scientific coordinator. More information on the project can be found on this homepage.

Conference of the German Political Science Association's International Relations section

October 11, 2020

On 8 October 2020 I organized a panel on norms and practices in international politics at the triennial meeting of the German Political Science Association's International Relations section which due to the COVID-19 pandemic had to take place online. In my own presentation on the panel, I probed the implicit normative presuppositions of the so-called "Practice Turn" in IR and proposed to interpret Clausewitz’ theory of war as a non-liberal theory of practice.

New article on the notion of "politics" in Clausewitz's theory of war

August 20, 2020

ClausewitzGerman Political Science Quarterly (PVS) just published my article about "Politics and its limits in Clausewitz's thought on war" on its homepage (open access, in German) and will print it in one of its next issues. In the piece, I reconstruct Clausewitz' notion of "politics" through a systematic reading of his works and demonstrate that his thinking is not as outdated as some people claim. On the contrary, his theory of war provides a fruitful analytical framework to understand the transformations of political violence in our time.

Conference "Exemplarity: Performance, influence, and friction in political innovation"

March 3, 2020

GretaFrom 27 to 29 February 2020, Dorothy Noyes and I organized a conference on the power of examples and their various uses in global politics at the Mershon Center, Ohio State University. With colleagues from different disciplines we explored how examples are set, received, followed and contested in different historical, social, and geographical contexts. Our aim was to elaborate a theoretical framework that conceives of exemplarity as a cyclical process of performance, reception, and uptake through which particular acts become recognized as models and thereby drive social change.